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Why go to Chinanext to make purchases successfully in China?

Why Chinanext

We are a group of professionals with experience living and working in China. We know the opportunities this country offers and also the limitations and obstacles that are always presented in the process of purchases.

Cultural and language differences counteract the effective flow of information between client and vendor. For this reason  Chinanext will eliminate any misunderstanding that could compromise the efficiency of the purchasing process and consequently the success of it.

Chinanext is your partner in China, all the processes of our advisory work, are based on standard procedures established by Chinanext to provide the best service with the best quality Our goal is giving you all the benefits of buying in China, reducing costs and minimazing risks and complications.

Chinanext can assure you:

  • The veracity and legality of your supplier (this does not always ensure the quality of products, until there is a sample verification of the product and inspection of production).

  • We negotiate the best prices on the market based on your needs.

  • We ensure the fulfillment of your requirements by reviewing every detail of the order regarding production, packaging, quantities, delivery times, etc.

  • Commercial office in Colombia where you will have a direct assistance by our business team and legal department.


In Chinanext, we offer all essential services you need to make your purchases and production orders successfully. We'll investigate for you all kinds of products, and advise you through the selection and purchasing process. We monitor the development and competion of the products to ensure complete control over your purchases.

We are different because all  suppliers and factories we contact are verified previously  by us, ensuring its legality, compliance with environmental standards and behavior under social responsibility policies, without affecting the competitiveness of products on price or quality.