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Chinanext Purchasing Guide.Purchasing Guide

1.  Download request form for quotation of  products you need.

2.  Fill out the form and send it with all possible information as you can 
in order to receive more accurate and faster information about the

3.  Chinanext will provide you the best quote in less than 3 days.

4. Feedback: Your comments are important whether or not our information do not satisfy totally your expectations. It is important
for us to know your opinion in order for us to improve and providing you a better service in the future.

5. Ask or send us a physical sample of the product concerned. Ask or send us a physical sample of the product you are interested
about. We will ensure that the product you are looking for is equal or better than the sample and it completely satisfy the
  conditions of quality, material, size and cost.

6. Confirm your order with Chinanext, we will constantly keep you informed about the status of it. We are looking after your
interests; therefore, we will represent you directly with suppliers the best way possible.

7. The most important and critical for any buying process in China is the way the customer is charged before ensuring that
order complies with all the requirements before shipping. For this reason, we do not charge you before ensure that
the order
is under all parameters established prior.

8. Import, legalization and receive of the product in the destination country.

9. Chinanext provides post-purchasing service, feedback, comments, suggestions and claims attention.


In Chinanext, we offer all essential services you need to make your purchases and production orders successfully. We'll investigate for you all kinds of products, and advise you through the selection and purchasing process. We monitor the development and competion of the products to ensure complete control over your purchases.

We are different because all  suppliers and factories we contact are verified previously  by us, ensuring its legality, compliance with environmental standards and behavior under social responsibility policies, without affecting the competitiveness of products on price or quality.