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¡Buy in China, buy cheap, buy responsible!

Buy China

The current situation in China, its politic stability and its rapid growth and presence in international markets make it an attractive market not only for many buyers and companies who want to find better opportunities and more competitive products, but for those who want a commercial approach to this country.

On the other hand, the cultural gap is evident; not only the language but customs and different way of thinking and addressing relationships become a major challenge in developing business. Chinanext helps you to minimize risks and make the best choice of buying within an effective supervision and guidance process.

The continuous concern about the improvement of quality of Chinese products has motivated the creation of new parameters within the supervision companies. For this reason you can feel confident and safe to receive the best advice.  Chinanext makes easier for you to develop long term business relationships within a sustainable environment. Our experience and professionalism will give your business the benefits you are expecting.

Together with our partner in Colombia, we provide all essential services and continuous communication ti follow-up to carry out successfully all purchase orders.

Eliminating paradigms!

Chinese products have gained  reputation for being low quality products at very low prices, it is normal to have such concept to see and compare the products in our own city, workplace and home. But also shall be consider:

  • Chinese factories have a very flexible structure that accommodates your production requirements and quality in the products you want. It is a great opportunity because it means having available your own shopping and production center.

  • It's time to focus on finding new, innovative and good quality products. Using the services Chinanext offers, you can ensure the best quality.

  • You have the opportunity of linking your supply chain with direct manufacturers, which provides you with greater efficiency, competitiveness and opportunity to develop new products and improve those you already has acquired through continuous communication and feedback with Chinanext as its direct connection with suppliers.


In Chinanext, we offer all essential services you need to make your purchases and production orders successfully. We'll investigate for you all kinds of products, and advise you through the selection and purchasing process. We monitor the development and competion of the products to ensure complete control over your purchases.

We are different because all  suppliers and factories we contact are verified previously  by us, ensuring its legality, compliance with environmental standards and behavior under social responsibility policies, without affecting the competitiveness of products on price or quality.