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"Social responsability does not affect competitiveness, on the contrary, it adds value to your products"

Social Sourcing

There is the false perception suppliers and manufactures who practice social responsibility and are concerned about the environment, usually offer less competitive in price.

The fact is that, INNOVATION, the development of products and research for the utilization of new resources and raw materials focused on offering products socially responsible and environmentally friendly go together with the motivation of COMPETITIVENESS in manufacturing processes , efficiency in use of resources and therefore in supply quality products, value-added, innovative and low cost.

We offer search solutions where:

1. Our Clients:

• Generate value in their products for their business and final customer.
• They have a greater opportunity to innovate while offering good quality products.
• Experience a great service.
• Integrate supply chain and value of their business with their own values and principles.
• Create and maintain good business reputation.

2. Our suppliers:

• Comply with code of conduct and labor laws of their country.
• Build sustainable business relationships and mutual cooperation.
• Operate under the ethical and moral standards protecting human rights, environment and society.

3. Environment:

• We encourage an efficient  and responsable use of resources
We encourage the use and marketing of green products.
We promote principles of sustainability and development.


In Chinanext, we offer all essential services you need to make your purchases and production orders successfully. We'll investigate for you all kinds of products, and advise you through the selection and purchasing process. We monitor the development and competion of the products to ensure complete control over your purchases.

We are different because all  suppliers and factories we contact are verified previously  by us, ensuring its legality, compliance with environmental standards and behavior under social responsibility policies, without affecting the competitiveness of products on price or quality.