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Our Customers

Our clients

  • Companies and people, who want to become more competitive or starting to do their business internationally,  getting innovative products of excellent quality in a legal way.

  • Purchasing, marketing, production and research and development department  are seeking to expand their field of action and need assistance to carry out their plan of purchases in China, according to their requirements of quality, quantity, design, brand, etc..

  • Companies that have adopted an ideology of social responsibility and want to integrate their procedures and operations to that ideal.

  • Entrepreneurs with clear ideas of business that require support throughout the process of finding suppliers, purchase and import their products to make a profitable and sustainable business project from the start.


In Chinanext, we offer all essential services you need to make your purchases and production orders successfully. We'll investigate for you all kinds of products, and advise you through the selection and purchasing process. We monitor the development and competion of the products to ensure complete control over your purchases.

We are different because all  suppliers and factories we contact are verified previously  by us, ensuring its legality, compliance with environmental standards and behavior under social responsibility policies, without affecting the competitiveness of products on price or quality.